Mark Koberg, Founder

Mark has created, launched and run national television shows for the last 17 years. Working mainly in daytime TV, he produced an average of 160 hours of television a year. Needless to say, stress was a large part of his work environment.  Failure wasn’t an option and moving up the ladder was all that seemed to matter.  At the age of 32, Mark  became the executive producer on TV’s longest running court show, Divorce Court.  Within the same month of landing the executive producer job he was also diagnosed with HIV.  As you may imagine, navigating a chronic illness and the new responsibility of running a national television show took a toll on him. While in the control room one day, the vision in Mark’s left eye went blurry. It turned out to be a disorder that happens typically to “Type A” personalities with high pressure jobs.  He learned that managing stress levels was the only way to resolve this problem.  Mark read about a study done at UCLA with HIV+ men. Researchers found the practice of mindfulness meditation stopped the decline of CD4 T cells in HIV-positive patients suffering from stress, slowing the progression of the disease. Through InsightLA, Mark signed up for an MBSR class and began meditating daily. Realizing he’d found resources and tools to successfully manage his stress, he signed up to take a second, 8-week MBSR course. The manner in which he approached life was transforming. He saw dramatic changes in how he related to friends, family and with his co-workers. He also began to notice a shift in how he viewed his HIV. 

In June 2011, Mark executive produced the US version of the UK’s number-one talk show, The Jeremy Kyle Show. Then he headed to Chicago to co-executive produce the first season of Iyanla, Fix My Life for OWN.  Since returning from Chicago, Mark, in-conjunction with Christiane &  InsightLA, produced a series of videos for the Veterans Administration, introducing mindfulness to 198 VA’s across the country. Mark has also completed the first MBSR teacher training practicum through the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Center for Mindfulness. 


Christiane Wolf, MD, PhD.  Founder & Director of Education

Christiane is an internationally respected mindfulness teacher and trainer. She is known for her precise style, humor and groundedness. She teaches from the heart of her own mindfulness practice, which started 25 years ago.

Starting her professional life as a physician in academia in her native Germany Christiane switched gears after moving to the US in 2003 and made the other passion in her life – mindfulness meditation – her profession.

Christiane is a senior Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trainer and accredited to train and supervise MBSR teachers for the certification process of the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School. She teaches and trains both in the US and in Germany.

Trudy Goodman, one of the most respected senior mindfulness teachers in the US, is her heart teacher. Christiane received teacher transmission from her in 2011.

She is part also of the current master insight meditation teacher training under Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein.

Christiane is the Director for MBSR programs at InsightLA (InsightLA.org), a Santa Monica based non-profit. She is also the program director and lead instructor for VA CALM, a MBSR and mindfulness training program for clinicians at the Greater Los Angeles Veteran’s Administration.

Christiane received her medical degree and completed her postgraduate training in obstetrics and gynecology from Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. She also holds a PhD in Psychosomatic Medicine from Humboldt University.

Christiane is particularly interested in the balance of a fulfilled work life, training and mentoring new mindfulness teachers, chronic pain and disease, PTSD, vicarious trauma, self-care, and discovering and deepening joy and fulfillment in life.

Christiane lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.